Industrial land for sale and lease in Poland

Plots intended for various types of commercial, production, warehouse and logistic activities. 

We have industrial real estate establishments in the heart of Poland. It gives our clients an exceptional opportunity to buy or rent multi-purpose industrial land in one of the highest-potential areas – Łódź district, Tomaszow Mazowiecki city. The town benefits from a convenient strategic location within the country and Europe. A well-developed highway and railway infrastructure make it a convenient place to run a business. Besides having a geographical advantage, Tomaszow Mazowiecki city is also rich in traditions and industrial history, which results in a diverse and skilful workforce. It makes it one of the main attractions for investors and the most influential developers in the warehouse sector.

What We Offer

Buying an industrial plot

We can arrange the area of the plot according to the individual client’s request. If needed, we can build new warehouses within the purchased plot and put them up for rent. The plots are located in the industrial part of the city. The necessary infrastructure is well-developed around all six of our plots: asphalt access roads, high voltage grid and water treatment plants are installed and running. The main advantage of these establishments is their strategic location. Tomaszow Mazowiecki city is in the heart of Poland and is surrounded by a network of expressways and is connected to the motorway that stretches across all Europe, reaching the main industrial hotspots.

The plots are intended for various types of commercial, production, warehouse and logistics purposes and come in different sizes:

8,23ha (82.334m²). 6 plots:

(A)163/162 PT1T/00056983/0 – 23.200 m²

(B) 163/160 PT1T/00065799/9 –  3.700 m²

(C) 163/161 PT1T/00065799/9 –  2.400 m²

(D)163/46  PT1T/00065799/9 – 18.656 m²

(E)163/140 PT1T/00074694/9 – 17.233 m²

(F)163/142 PT1T/00074695/6 – 17.145 m²

Long – term lease of plots

We offer to rent a plot of up to 8 hectares. 

We will prepare the plot according to your needs, we can adapt it to various activities.

Perfect for logistics activities. More information on land rental and adaptation for transport companies can be found at 


It is located in the industrial part of the city and is easily accessible via newly constructed road. In addition, there is a railway line (0.8 km) and the Customs Office (1 km) nearby. Tomaszow Mazowiecki city has a well-developed infrastructure with public transport links and access to the main roads to get around the local area and reach distant European destinations via international motorways. The city is within a short distance from the intersection of the A1 and A2 highways, which cross the country East to West and North to South. The S8 expressway connecting Białystok with Wrocław is also of key importance. Łódźe has good railway connections with the largest cities in Poland. International Reymont Airport, operating in the city, has regular flights to the UK, Ireland, Greece and Germany.

Due to an excellent location, numerous companies, being leaders in their field of business, operate in this region. Among them, you can find such companies as: “IKEA”, “FM LOGISTIC”, “DSV”, “MEGATECH INDUSTRIES TOMASZOW”, “PARADYZ”, “BALEX METAL” and some warehouses that belong to various shopping centres.

Who we are

We are a dedicated team of professionals who focus on providing our clients with prime quality offers in industrial real estate in Poland, Łódź district. We make sure we give our clients the opportunity, and we follow through to its success. In addition to our offered industrial plots, we pride ourselves on the experienced team whose hard work allows us to implement even the most complex projects.
Our years of experience in the industry have gained us access to premium location industrial establishments and allowed us to become experts in the field. Not like other real estate and property development companies, we provide 360-degree services that would help your acquired property to reach its maximum potential.
Investing in industrial real estate in an unfamiliar area raises many challenges and uncertainty. It results in businesses keeping to the areas that they know. However, those areas don’t always have the best opportunities and potential. We conduct thorough research on the local laws and regulations, the community, the infrastructure and find all the available business endorsement possibilities, so our clients can confidently focus on the companies’ growth.

Audrius Rauba

Poland / Lithuania

The Opportunity

Buying a plot in Tomaszow Mazowiecki city opens up many possibilities. We help our clients to take full advantage of it. In addition to renting and selling real estate, we give our clients the opportunity for Built-To-Suit development. We fully meet operational and corporate needs by constructing industrial buildings that meet the design and physical specifications of one particular client.

Poland’s industrial market continues to attract the investors

Poland’s key strengths include its geographical location, a relatively strong economy, high-quality properties offering better rates of return compared to Western markets, and stable or growing demand – all this attracts overseas capital to Poland.

The industrial market in Poland has been growing at a quick pace for several years, with record-breaking transaction sizes, new warehouse locations and growing net take-up levels. More than 6.5 million sqm of warehouse space was built on the Polish market in the last three years, accounting for 37% of the nation’s total stock. Bearing in mind current activity in the industrial sector, 2020 may be another record year for the sector with the volume of transactions set to exceed EUR 2.0 billion for the first time, fuelled by more significant portfolio sales.

Prime location and favourable business development conditions

Łódź is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Due to its central location, logistics and transport remain the driving force behind the development of the local economy. Logistics centres in the Central Poland region are being built by the largest developers in the warehouse sector, such as Pannatoni. One of their main recent projects is the Central European Logistics Hub, situated in Łódź

Tomaszow Mazowiecki city itself is not only in a convenient strategic location but is also surrounded by nature and has a rich cultural history. It creates a positive living environment, where residents can enjoy nearby national parks, as well as cultural establishments such as museums and galleries.

 The industrial heritage of the city has left traces that run deep in the local community. It results in a skilful and dedicated workforce. In addition, the supportive local government offers various benefits that help local businesses financially. The combination of the two creates a desirable environment for investors and business developers.


Address and location: Piaskowa st. 122-150, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland.
Address: Piaskowa st. 122-150, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland.

Location in central Poland – in the area which is perfectly suited for various types of commercial and warehouse activities.












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